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5 mins with Zoë & Geoff – Wildwood Photography

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Creating memories, is one of Zoë & Geoff’s secrets to continued success with their photography, by adding a little bit of sparkle and magic in every sitting.

As award winning photographers, discover what hard work and creativity has now made them one of Ballarat’s leading new born, wedding and family photographers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, we are Zoë & Geoff. We are a husband & wife team, & have both been photographers for a very long time, but neither of us were doing it as a profession when we met nearly 20 years ago. We are both creative souls & have been running businesses together for about 17 years.

We moved to the beautiful area of Ballarat around 7 years ago & absolutely love the area. The light is amazing here, the golden grasses, the hills surrounding Ballarat & the beautiful countryside. We love getting out and exploring the region.

We have two children, 10 year old, Grace & 3 year old, Jacob who keep us pretty busy! We also have a house full of animals. We have two guinea pigs called Teddy & Tumnus, a dog called Barkley & a canary called Budgie!

Tell us about your business

We started Wildwood Photography for about 7 years & create stunning photographic legacies for families! From weddings, pregnancy, new-born’s, babies & families, we cover a lot & sometimes even photograph clients through all these stages! It is such an honour to be a part of these special times in their lives.

How did you come up with your idea or concept?

It was quite a natural progression. We have both been photographers for a very long time, it’s almost embarrassing! I even had my own dark room many years ago.

We were both more on an artistic photography journey back then & it started to change when Geoff’s passion for photographing people really took hold. He believes that every human face is worthy of beautiful photography. Capturing the essence of what makes them unique!

So we started to get into family photography & that quickly moved to commercial photography as Geoff started work for a magazine. He worked for them for a few years, creating amazing images & also stories. Music was one of his favourite areas to photograph, along with small business owners. He met many people over that time & photographed many unique faces and heard lots of interesting stories.

Our daughter came along through all of this & our hearts were stolen by the fleeting nature of childhood. We were obsessed with capturing every moment. We then wanted to capture this for other families.

We trained & studied further to add to our skills & from their opened Wildwood Photography. It’s been 7 years since then & we are still obsessed with capturing amazing images for our clients. I love capturing newborns & babies! Geoff works a lot with families & extended family groups & we both love capturing the magic of weddings.

What’s the biggest challenge you have and how are you going to overcome it?

Having young children! I spend a lot of time with our son, which can be frustrating, but also wonderful. Only time will free me from this, but that is also sad as it means he will have grown & not need me so much anymore.

We are very good at working around the kids & trying to balance family life & work, but it is always a challenge to keep that balance in flow.

For now, I have lots of lists! I find that if I am distracted from a task, it will not be forgotten for long with my list. I also work a lot at night to get everything done. Prioritising is also paramount in keeping the business running smoothly.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had in the last few months and why?

When my husband brought me home the new R6 Canon Mirrorless Camera body! It’s going to be fantastic for photographing weddings! I can’t wait to use it. It’s quieter than our DSLR & is fantastic in low light settings. It was quite a surprise!

What are you currently excited about?

I am very excited about planning for next year’s Spring, Summer & Autumn weddings! I love chatting to brides & grooms about their plans. Checking out new venues, hearing about flower walls that are planned & who knows what as every couple is unique! The excitement is catching.

What is a motto or quote you live by?
Connection over Perfection is a wonderful one by Emily Osmond, that I try and remind myself of daily.  And also, a cup of tea fixes everything 😆.

What is your photographic style?

We have a beautiful whimsical style full of love.
I particularly love fibres & fabrics & love texture when creating my newborn setups. I love using florals as well.
Weddings are a dream with all the amazing florals!

We love natural images that aren’t overly posed for our families & weddings. Having said this, we also want to see your faces! So, we help with posing, while still trying to keep it natural & capturing the interactions between people to bring out the love & laughter! 

Tell us about working besides the man in your life?

I feel very blessed to work with my husband. We both have our strengths & weaknesses & so complement each other well. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off in business & artistically.

Artistically we are on the same page. We see beauty in the simple things. Like the way the sunlight hits the leaves of a tree, the countryside opening up in front of us or wandering a beautiful forest as the sunlight glints through the trees. We both need this beauty in our lives to keep us creative & feed our souls. We try and dedicate one day a week to getting out & exploring. Running your own business & working from home can drain your creativity, so we find this helps keep us refreshed & recharged.

Name: Zoë Watt

Business Name: Wildwood Photography

Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/lovewildwoodphotography

Instagram link: www.instagram.com/lovewildwood

Email: lovewildwood@outlook.com

Website: www.wildwoodphotography.com.au

Phone: 0422 34 2209

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