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What we offer

Wedding Bar Staff

Source professional staff for your special day!

When tying the knot at a private estate or an idyllic country setting, haul us in to set up your drink stations, cocktail hour, and dream reception situation.

We can serve guests at their table or from the bar, clear tables and pack up for the night.

Promotional Staff

Don’t want to bring your whole team to offsite events?

Our fun and engaging staff are brand representatives for hire, to promote a product, service, business, or company. Give us an overview of your event, knowledge outline required, staff expectations and we will provide you promotional staff that will support you, your business, and other staff during the event

Event Activations

Have a space in your business or community you wish to activate for events?

Let our innovative team create, plan, and implement activations that will help serve your existing consumers, grow your brand and generate an experience for your community

Marketing and Creative Writing

Marketing & Creative Writing

Marketing and writing about yourself is not your thing?

You love what you do and can speak to anyone about it, until the cows come home, but to get that on paper? Aarrh! You could not think of anything worse.

Leave it to our creative writers to tell your story. We can create your content, business bio’s, social media content, even take the photos


First Impressions: Donegan’s Farm

Welcome to our inaugural post in the First Impressions series. Belinda and I will excitedly be conducting site visits at some stunning event locations scattered throughout our region in the following weeks. Last week we had the great pleasure of exploring Donegan’s...

The Pursuit of Happiness

Finally, a reason to be happy! This Saturday, 20 March, we celebrate International Day of Happiness. The United Nations first introduced the concept in 2013 to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. We asked five of the smiliest...

The Top Tips to Store Your Wedding Dress Safely

Here are our TOP TIPS for ensuring your wedding gown is safe and protected for long term storage. 1. Keep it in a FABRIC garment bag: all our Carte Blanche Bride designers provide a 'breathable' garment bag with each wedding dress. DO NOT USE PLASTIC. This can cause...

8 Signs You’ve Found Your Ideal Wedding Dress

"If just thinking about shopping leaves you stressed..." Shopping may be the last thing that gives you pleasure, traipsing the streets getting sweaty and breathless trying on clothes and then having to look at yourself in the mirror and narrow down options. If just...

Personalised Stationery

Personalised stationery is all about capturing a mood and creating an expectation.  An invitation is a sneak peak into the celebration. You are setting the expectation for the guest; it’s a little taste before the meal. The goal with personalised stationery is to...

Five Picnic Spots to enjoy around Ballarat

Alluring blue skies on a warm autumn afternoon demand you pack a damn fine picnic and head into the great outdoors. Loading a basket with tasty snacks is easy enough to arrange, but your ultimate picnic destination may require more thought.  Relax, we will skip the...

150km Feast

Overlooking the Wimmera River banks, the inaugural 150km feast kicked off on a spectacularly warm evening with blue skies evolving through to a canopy of stars as night fell. The five-course fundraising event aimed to replenish funds for the Horsham Agricultural...

Perfume Through The Decades

An invisible statement piece most of us wear to special events. Perfume is actually believed to have gotten its start in Ancient Egypt. First as an exclusive religious ritual, then later introduced to royalty. Is it any wonder we feel so special when adorning our...

A Day on the Town Green: Smythesdale Fiesta

The festival represented an abundance of local artists and creators through various market stalls, poetry workshops, and gallery space.

The Happy Winemaker

Nestled in the hills of Invermay, sits White Swan Vineyard, run by the Happy Winemaker; Jean-Paul, who lives locally with his wife and two young boys. Born in Holland, Jean-Paul wanted to be a farmer, so he studied Agronomy to better understand crops and the soils...

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